head-buried-in-sand“It’s not always those we advocate for who fall through the cracks.

Sometimes it is us who advocate for them as the learning curve is long. Too often, the game books change without notice or complete transparency.

The players are inconsistent and compromised systems often keep honorable people up at night.

Out of a sense of self preservation, some well-meaning don’t last or keep up the fight. However quitting is a luxury that you, or someone you know might not have.

With acceptance, behind the curtain revelations and essential information, your journey can ease up to 98% with clarity and a relevantly-customized route.

When you learn what you are truly dealing with and how best to deal with it, the raging rivers you swim in begin to dissipate into puddles. Your world becomes less daunting and even if your feet get wet, with this chosen path, you will not drown.”

~Mo Bailey