Bob, Carol, Ted & Alice

The Baby Boomer generation (born 1946-1964) has both advantages and challenges unique today to other generations. We focus on these exclusive topics here, in workshops, videos, audios, webinars and coaching formats specific to your desires and needs. Check out the program, Master Your SUM™ that supports people who are aged/staged out of career, marriages, homes, etc. 

Mother’s Day

Please see the tabs below, all or the one(s) you most resonate with. Also see tribute below the tab sections for the tribute I have to my son and what it means to me to be his mother.  ...

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“It’s not always those we advocate for who fall through the cracks. Sometimes it is us who advocate for them as the learning curve is long. Too often, the game books change without notice or complete transparency. The players are inconsistent and compromised systems...

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