You have a 74% chance of closing a deal if you’re the 1st vendor to create a viable vision for the future.
Source: Forrester Research

One of the insights from my days of CORPORATE research and development, after owning a few successful small businesses, and working in the dot com era is that large companies are more successful when they look at each department (i.e. product development, marketing, IT, HR, etc.) as small businesses. Another key to growth is to understand the value in each department to have a fundamental mindset that joint venturing with the other departments in the same company brings more alignment working toward the same big picture, in a way that serves all departmental focuses. This also supports mutual respect vs frustration.


Similarly, there are areas that work great for SMALL TO MIDSIZE BUSINESSES who pay attention to how successful large companies show up and go after their client base in a way that can be transferable and adaptable. Just because a business is small-mid size, it does not mean the inner philosophy should have small-mid size growth or ceiling.


And, to the growing industry of SOLOPRENEURS, especially those who are Baby Boomers, you are in a unique and exciting, yet often scary new world. Yet, being a solo-preneur in many capacities (wholesale, retail, online, professional speaking, consulting, coaching), it is a wonderful journey to create autonomy in your life, as well as lessons to “take your mess and make it your message” or to “transfer your experiences and passions into a living that gives you joy” or to “discover what these things are to later transform into a business of your unique and ideal creation for you, not some boss, as you are now the boss! I would be honored to help guide you through to this in a way that mutually serves those you want to serve, as well as serving yourself!”


“Mo’s strategies are dynamic. She is known for delving into what really matters to you, your clients and employees within your organization. All go toward the success of your bottom line”.