Mothers Day postPlease see the tabs below, all or the one(s) you most resonate with. Also see tribute below the tab sections for the tribute I have to my son and what it means to me to be his mother. 


As a parent have such an important and sometimes overlooked value that is second to none. Bringing up a human life, teaching them right from wrong, wiping their tears, advising how to deal with tender challenges in a way that is always age or developmentally appropriate for the child(ren) in your life.

I hope you find motherhood to be as loving, fulfilling and honorable a place in life as I do. The moment my son and I first locked eyes, there was no longer any doubt in my mind that miracles DO happen.

I want to also send out a special GOOD ON YOU to parents of kids with disabilities or are medically fragile. This takes a toll that only those going through it know in the way you do. If you have a child with limited communication or difficult behavior, please know this is part of their biology and/or neurology, yet not at all a reflection of them not knowing and loving you. You are loved by your child/ren!

Sending you blessings and love today, as I celebrate your importance and value. 🙂

When Your Mother is Gone/Deceased

The first year may be the most surreal and profound after your mother (or other special lady) has passed on. If you are sad or in pain this year, missing her and if your beliefs allow, consider her as your angel looking over you. 

Sometimes people show up in our dreams and/or in your life in unexpected ways. Here is how this happened in my world for my son and myself after my mother passed away.

My mom loved Birds of Paradise plants. To keep her near, my son found a single “Bird” stem nearby. He put it in the dirt next to our patio door.

On my way out one day, my landscaper stopped me and asked why we had a single “bird” stem. I explained how my mother recently passed, loved that plant and it was my son’s way to keep her around us. A few hours later when I came home, the single Bird of Paradise stem was gone. In it’s place, was a medium sized bush. Channeled through our gardener, my mother’s love bloomed right before our eyes.

Birth is all about miracles, yet so are the souls that visit us in their own way…and that could be in the form of a Birds of Paradise bush, a candle, a silent prayer or anything that reminds you of the person you miss.

This post is dedicated to my mother, Resa Brenner, to my son who qualifies me as a mom, and to YOU.


If you’ve always wanted to be a mom, yet experience infertility, this day might tug a little at your heart. It did for me when I went through it. 

I still wish you a Happy Mother’s Day as I know that you are a mom in your heart. Not all mothers are and you deserve recognition for this on this day. It takes a lot to go through some of the medical tests and roller-coasters you do. Infertility is not for the faint of heart and I want to celebrate you today as going through this is testament to the fact that you have super-mom qualities. 

My hope for those who relate to infertility is to realize that you are every bit of a woman with or without a child who calls you mom.

You may still be a mentor in life and serve your soul in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you had a child…and also please note, that if you want a child, you still can have one.

During my infertility journey, I did not take “no” for an answer and while things did not turn out as I expected, my dream came true with a super great son. Life doesn’t always do it in our way, yet in our way, we can still fulfill our dreams.

So, again – Happy Mom’s day to you who I sense has great maternal instincts and qualities that are to be respected and celebrated.

Love and light to you dear lady!

Postpartum Depression

If you are a mom, or know a mom who currently suffers from Postpartum Depression, love them/yourself up on Mom’s Day, yet truly make it about them/you and less about the child.

This is not a choice and does not come from any lack of love. Just celebrate them/you for who they/you are as well as, as a woman and a person. Make this day about them/you in the strongest sense of self!

Would love to hear your “take” on this post – please add your related experience, comments or questions below message to my feelings toward my son on Mother’s Day…      

I want to thank my son, as without him the dream of being a mother, would not be my reality.  

It is the day of his birth that I came to believe that miracles are real. Told a few times that I would not get pregnant, I visualized I would, and did.

I felt the weight of a child in my arms daily, even though my arms appeared empty.

I went to baby showers as a sign of possibility versus a sad situation to avoid.

Some would say I manifested my son. His father and I went to fertility specialists (NOT romantic), and humor played a role. After an insemination I asked my doctor, “Was it good for you?”

So, while today is Mother’s Day, it is really a day I thank my son for giving me this lifelong position that I always craved to be in.
I also thank my son for putting up with me in my days of peri-menopause when I wasn’t just a mother, yet often quite a mothah!

Yet, this is about you.  What’s your story?