Empowerment is a very personal issue.  One of the main traits of empowerment is to be committed to the specifics of the desired outcome. Once you are truly committed, chances of success (especially “simplified”) leap to a higher likelihood of fruition. This shows up as a defined…

  • decision to make it happen…to guide you to your goal.

  • roadmap for the ACTIONS it takes to support the decision to the place it needs to be in order to get what you want

  •  satisfaction with the outcome

One might find empowerment in an act of courage, in being vindicated, or successfully advocating for a need, desire or position.

While many of the steps below sound simple, it is in the commitment, the process and deeply rooted in the reason WHY that up-level your changes of accomplishment.

  • If you want to lose weight, know how much you “want to release” and do the steps to accomplish the desired outcome.

    Boom – Empowered!

  • If you want a specific job offer, know what it is, learn the best route to get it and be committed to do what it takes for it to happen.

    Boom – Empowered!

It’s not always easy, yet you can see how the main process truly is simple.

Please share below, an experience or process that shows how your commitment has served you…