Mo Bailey's Consulting & Coaching VALUES are:


  • Lifelong learning
  • Innovation and change
  • Diversity and inclusiveness
  • Partnership and caring
  • Openness and transparency
  • Abundance thinking and trust
  • Sustainability and responsibility
  • Inner peace and centering
  • Integrity and high ethical standards

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Keynote Speaker and Master Certified Coach-Consultant

Mo Bailey, MCC combines a Social-Psychology, Coach-Consulting, Business, and Advocacy background with a unique perspective in program development.

She’s known for her innovative programs such as Master Your Sum™, Direct with Diplomacy™, and the Be, Give, Receive What Really Matters™principles.

Mo has shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen (co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series), and many other evolutionary colleagues. She is also the author of Walking Through Life in Your Own Shoes!™ and is the creator of The EmPOWER Trip™.

Mission Statement: To instill you with tools to Recognize, Accept, Transform & Empower with great success despite the “curveballs” in life that upbringings, generations, belief systems, diagnoses, hormones and society does not prepare you for.


Personal Philosophy: “My foundational belief is that ONLY YOU has walked in your shoes!” All Mo’s formats reflect this philosophy to instill self-trust, courage & advanced results in all your endeavors!


Message to YOU in the midst of “Curve ball” challenges: “You are not a blueprint, yet in a society that expects you to fit one (at a root level). Inner conflict? (Not your fault!). In the midst of a crossroads?  Let’s talk!”

Mo is an innovative and creative thinker. She strives to help others integrate strong empowering beliefs in themselves, abilities and actions.

    • Trained, passionate and master certified in both Co-Active and Servant coaching styles.
    • A professional speaker and workshop leader (offers unique experiential formats that shift perspectives for life).
    • A non-traditional Advocate (jokes as being a “recovering-in-the-trenches” advocate) who empowers and “coach-consults” groups and individuals how to be effective in “recognizing” “achieving” and “receiving” what they (or another) deserve.

Added to this mix is Mo’s personal experience with special interest and on-going trainings related to neuro-science, high level communication, and those things that are truly most important in life to and for your career, love, health and financial freedom.

In private practice as a “coach-consultant” and professional speaker Mo has taken a valued lesson to heart, with her tagline, Business IS personal! What’s personal to YOU IS my business! ®.which began when she mainly worked with corporations in team development processes. 

She is also a monthly contributor to a U.K. publication entitled, Aspirations. Mo appreciates the experiences of her clients and credits them for many of the lessons she has received from their open their hearts, and as well as from the many hours and dollars she’s invested in her own trainings and mentors.

Mo’s most powerful teacher in life is her son (a young adult with Asperger’s Syndrome). He has given her the most important, on-going and pure lessons that she has received. No hype, no marketing, no pressure – just pure, authentic, “on-my-toes” blessings!

Educational background includes, yet is not limited to UCLA, International Coaching Society, Life Motivations, study with emphasis in Social-Reasoning and Perspective-taking practicums.

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Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.59.21 PMMo Bailey is a Productivity Strategist that specializes in industrious human behavior, the art of creative team development and meaningful-to-individual recognition. She works with corporations, small-med size businesses and solo-preneurs!

Mo’s strategies are dynamic and she is known for delving into what really matters to you, your clients and employees within your organization. All go toward the success of your bottom line.

With a research, market development, sociological background and certified coach/trainer/strategy expertise, Mo brings to light the value of recognition and general well-being for team processes and productivity. “We personalize and strategize!”

Instinctive and innovative, Mo is big on using symbolic imagery and experiential processes to drive key messages into innate understanding.

EvolveTEAMS & Recognition™ was developed by Ms. Bailey to assist the growing need of personal and professional clarity for work and life balance and “big picture” success to all involved.

We co-assess current climate, needs, intergenerational values, develop attention–retention strategies and produce consciously customized “Dream Team” development, and meaningful-to-individual recognition.

Known for her signature trait of awarding others in areas of philanthropy, business acumen, individual courage and ethics. These are featured picks that are “Caught in the Act of Excellence!” and openly modeled as an avenue to illustrate the ‘Righteousness and Reward of Recognition’ for specific strategy assistance, guidance or adaptation for your own purpose.

Mo is a pro at getting to what matters in your industry and developing your on-going and rewarding results.

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Mo Bailey is a non-traditional advocacy consultant. She works with individuals, educational environments, corporations, and groups of varying sizes. She is praised for her signature trainings such as Direct with Diplomacy™, Avoid the Cracks with Educated Facts™, and the BE, GIVE, RECEIVE What Really Matters principles™.

She has shifted out of the trenches with her sociology and business-based acumen and into the hearts of those she helps in their roles as Advocates. Her clients learn how to shift perspectives effectively, not only for themselves, yet those they might traditionally find themselves in adversarial positions with.

Advocacy – As a non-traditional advocate (previously in-the-trenches), Mo has special interests in justice, equality and realistic win-win approaches that she instills in individuals, groups and corporate entities. Be it…

  • A family with a child or adult with special needs
  • A Baby Boomer (born 1946-1964) dealing with aging parent or career or personal stage challenges
  • Or a corporation negotiating with vendors, suppliers, clients, or employees…

Advocacy is art, science and negotiation.

This population is often revered as quirky, hormonal or out-of-sync. In reality, they are challenged with, yet not limited to, neuro-processing, distorted hearing, and non-verbal communication struggles. The more common and well-known manifestations are Asperger’s, ADHD and even Menopause. However, the list is truly endless.

A Little History

By invitation, Mo was on a 6 person training panel for Judges in the state of California in the area of Special Education, is “The Asperger’s Whisperer” among commissioners, attorneys, social workers and parents of children in the Foster care system, and is a long-standing university, corporate and child development experiential lecturer in addition to her private clients.

A 3 yr event committee member with KIDS INCLUDED TOGETHER which educates Inclusion methodology in after-school programs and child-centric organizations. Her continuing education includes yet not limited to Social Thinking™, Non-Violent Communication and Perspective-Taking strategies, and Universal principles.

Mo herself is the mother of a son with Asperger’s, the daughter of an ex-POW father who’s dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a late mother who had Alzheimer’s. As she says, “Consciously, I picked Organizational Development and Sociology, yet on a sub-conscious level, truly, Advocacy picked me!”



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