MESSAGE FROM Mo: “Those who fill my heart most are those who trust their confidences, brilliance, vulnerabilities and lives with me. The people I work with are not only by their choice, yet are vetted as people I feel I want to spend my time and energy with. People who compliment me below, are truly worthy of so much of my love, inspiration and respect. Because accolades come from these people, companies and organizations, my days are brighter and I live with a healthier mind, body & soul.
My gratitude is endless!”                                                         ~ Mo Bailey

CORPORATE Team & Biz Building

Quite simply, Mo Bailey's passion for consulting has been an inspiration to us all!

Having worked with Mo on several projects since 2003, she has this amazing talent of intuitively understanding the situation; it's challenges and potential rewards. Her ability to coach and guide us in the proper direction, which appears obvious in hindsight, but before her coaching not apparent. Each session with her is as much a step forward in business, as it is for our personal development!

Mo is a tireless professional, committed to excellence. She is an expert at building and maintaining relationships and always has the best interests of her clients at heart." 

Mark F. Stroback

President, The KMA Group, Inc.

Corporate turned Business Solo-prenuer

Working with Mo has been a truly life-changing experience for me. I am not quick to open up with others, revealing my inner thoughts or emotions.  Yet from the very first time I met Mo I knew, instinctively, that she was a person with whom I could trust my soul.  

So began that incredible life-changing experience of coaching with Mo.  She has allowed me to face deep-seated or long-held personal issues that had caused me to be less than what I can and should be, both personally and professionally.  

I broke through these issues and anxieties with Mo’s gentle prodding, sometimes strident urging, and well-timed questioning. And she protected the trust I placed with her to listen and walk me through to a position of strength and confidence.

Mo is a person with an incredible wealth of knowledge, is a well of deep support and is very much the embrace of sincere caring and concern for what is best for those with whom she works.  

Mo’s coaching guidance and insights have been special and powerful gifts to me.  In our work together, Mo has held open a special space for me to rest and become clearer and more confident in my beliefs and values, and also in my plans and actions. This has been the true treasure of my coaching with Mo.  

~ With GREAT LOVE for YOU, thank you, Mo!

Tassey Russo

CEO, Level Up Solutions

Employee turned Biz Owner!

“…I often came home feeling depressed and degraded. I knew in my heart that I needed to make a change.

I now know (internally) that I can approve of myself instead of depending of others to validate me, or my accomplishments.

You’ve guided me to believe in myself, stop procrastinating and make the change. Together, we organized my strengths and abilities and paired them with my desires. I can’t thank you enough Mo!”

Rosemarie Draper, Controller