FEAR is an elicitor of all sorts of things, and it comes packaged in many ways. Below is two exercises to support you in releasing FEAR. Yet first, lets acknowledge that sometimes FEAR is good. 

  • shit-brains-5535251FEAR can keep you safe as an alert system not to do things like cross the road when a car is coming.
  • FEAR can motivate you to get creative or work more to find a way to rectify your life (example: pay your mortgage so you don’t lose your house).
  • FEAR can strengthen boundaries and empower you to give up unhealthy relationships, address health issues previously avoided, etc.

Sometimes it is blatant and easy to see, feel or be present to FEAR. Yet quite often, it is so insidious that we don’t even know it is present when it’s actually running our lives.

Consider FEAR unconsciously running in the background inside of you, much like the operating system of a computer. We don’t typically think about the operating system other than to turn it on (AKA open our eyes after sleep).

FEAR is like a virus that you did not intend to place on your internal hard drive, yet while you purposely work on other programs you are deliberate to click and open. These are more like the CONSCIOUS programs you use.

We become SO conditioned to FEAR that we don’t even recognize it much of the time. So, for this reason, it’s hard to recognize when it’s in action and permeating other programs inside your mind (computer).

7 common symptoms of FEAR show up as…

1.   Procrastination (physicality of lateness, incompleteness, stagnation, etc.)

2.   Obstacles / Excuses (albeit explainable ones, etc.)

3.   Overwhelm (results in mental/emotional/physical inaction)

4.   Projection (Self Talk run amuck, excuses, pull back, etc.)

5.   Illness or Injury (“Acceptable” excuses, shut-down, etc.)

6.   Negligence / Neediness (Shows up as incapability, etc.)

7.   Greed (increased appetite, over indulgence, etc.)

AND I have an exercise for you to focus on to remove your FEAR in a very simple, yet unconventional way.

Mo’ to the point:  This exercise shows you how to use your mind (thoughts), body (physical action), and soul (unconscious patterns/Beliefs).  It works when done consistently in the manner to which I suggest. Stay consciously aware as you do it to the FEAR you relate it to and you’ll understand what I mean. 

DISCLAIMER: Tasteful or not, this is a fact of life and has worked for many I’ve instructed on. If you stay open to the metaphor and process, any immediate distasteful thoughts will likely be released too.

It is what I call FACING your FEAR’s “Head On” (you’ll get the double entendre soon enough!)

Do you see it?

The red letters above form a word. This word, POOPING is the strategy to how you can release your FEAR on a physical to mental level.

Consider the analogy of how FEAR builds up within us. It can accumulate when it is not released. You can release your fears by being consciously present in an action you do daily anyhow. By staying present to the idea and to your FEAR when you do this action, you will consciously be depleting FEAR from your system.

In The 7 Common Symptoms of FEAR. The action word it forms is what you can consciously and metaphorically do to release FEAR. The added action to support that release is in your action of FLUSHING out your FEAR.

On a daily basis, when POOPING (1st letter to each word of 7 symptoms above), stay conscious to what the FEAR you’re experiencing is. You can even imagine your FEAR as the funny green gremlin in the picture below to give it some physicality, then…

toilet-gremlin1.   release it from your personal internal system, as you release it on a physical level,

2.   then you release it from your environment as you consciously to the FEAR,  flush it away.

The key here is to BE present with what you are metaphorically doing and to consciously attach it as much as possible to what you are excreting from your life. You literally remove it from your system and from your environment. Get it?!?!?!

EXAMPLE: FEAR removal of potential medical diagnosis:

Think of any disease or illness leaving your body as you are POOPING it out. Imagine it leaving your body as you release or push the sh*% out. Then flush. If it is something you FEAR, watch it disappear.

You’ve now taken control in a way you can. It’s important to note that while I can’t guarantee the diagnosis being removed that we are working on removing FEAR itself. This also does help to alleviate the #1 killer and cause of most diseases; which is stress.

BONUS TIP/Exercise that you can use anywhere and anytime to FACE any FEAR:  Look at the word FEAR itself as an acronym. Use it how it serves your concern in the most applicable way. Some ideas to match to common forms of FEAR are these, yet you can make up your own to fit a situation if one of these does not relate…







Applied in




Administered by


Then REFRAME your FEAR from above with thoughts like:


Excited to





Apprehension for




Add to 


…and you can reframe this in your own relevant and creative way that makes sense for you to shift your fear-based fear to FEAR-OCIOUS empowerment!

 Below, please add any REFRAMES for FEAR that you can come up with or if you’re struggling with one, comment on it below and Mo will reply with a solution, suggestion or resource for you.