red-heart-wax-seal-4037768Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am taking this Valentines Day as opportunity to send you these “heart-felt” wishes in the form of A Dozen Red Proses!

Ready, Valentine?

1. Eat Fresh! Make fruits and vegetables 50% of your meals.

2. Don’t miss a beat. Aim for 150 minutes of exercise each week. For example, try a midday walk break for a healthy pick me-up.

3. Eat sweet. In moderation, dark chocolate can help keep your blood pressure down, your blood flowing, and your heart healthy.

4. Do your own thing. Activities like painting, writing, yoga, and meditation can help reduce stress.

Source for above: Kaiser Permanente…

…yet, there are “Mo’ to the point below…

5. BE sweet. Kindness is the hallmark to happiness. When you consciously choose to see the bright side of life, the bright side of life tends to shine back at you.

6. Accept your “Identifying Characteristics” with love. In the diamond industry, “flaws” are also coined as “identifying characteristics”. There is actual value to “flawed” diamonds. If you know where a flaw is, your stone can be identified if stolen or switched and returned to you.

Shift how you may view a flaw about you. If you feel bad about something about you, and don’t know how to shift it to a good feeling, let me know what it is. I will personally reply to you and help you shift it as my Valentine gift to you – no strings attached!

7. If you are, or feelfat, bald or receding, embrace your “identifying characteristics” with love, as you are valuable and multi-faceted!

8. BE a random act of kindness to someone else! Think about how someone once did or said something for/to you that changed your sadness or hurt. Did you pay it forward?

Find someone who would be thrilled with a call, a card or a red rose and make sure it gets to them on Valentine’s Day. It loses some power when given even one day late, so make it count, the best you can!

9. Get your sexy on. Sex improves your immunity, lowers blood pressure, decreases stress, improves sleep, improves bladder control in women, increases intimacy and nurtures relationships and bonding as you release oxytocin, the “love” hormone!

10. Infuse Gratitude daily. An attitude of gratitude comes from recognizing and appreciating the positive things in life. When you do this, you actually attract more positive opportunities, events and people your way.

11. Shift Out of Procrastination. Do something new that you wouldn’t normally do. Even if it is a small increment to something big, it will start the process. Keep doing little things that will create a big thing. If you want to write a book, commit to either the first page or the first chapter and do it. Then , book your calendar for the next page or chapter and so on. Before you know it; you’ll have the book done and a stretched comfort zone! And of most importance…

12. Love thyself. Know what you’re willing to tolerate from others and advocate if you feel misread, mistreated or under valued. Sometimes no malicious intent is there, yet grudges, hurt and lack of forgiveness lingers and grows if not dealt with. Be bold and talk it out. Most times, it was projection or just takes a word to spark healthy interaction. Be bold and hold on to your value; communicate and reinvigorate!

Source: Mo Bailey, MCC
– your loving coach, who wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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To Simplified Success!


P.S. – If you’d like to share your favorite Valentine’s Day story with me, please do below. Let’s spin some good energy out into the Universe.

P.P.S. – If you’re alone (or feel alone while you are with someone), feel free to reply to post below (I’ll answer or email me through the contact page) and tell me about it. Meanwhile, I’ll write you back and hold a space of love and fulfillment for you (as my Valentine GIFT to you)!

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